Second focus group took place: this time Germany

MobiGoIn had its second focus group event. After a meeting in Paris a couple of weeks ago, Stuttgart in Germany was next. In the focus group events the MobiGoIn project teams invites SMEs from our four partner regions to identify future markets and key technologies. The results of these discussions should of course contribute to better services for cluster members in the internationalization of the mobility sector.
The event in Stuttgart has been organized by the regional high-tech cluster bwcon and its “Special Interest Group” of companies with an interest in mobility and navigation technologies. Among the participants were competitive SMEs like Heidelberg Mobil InternationalStar Cooperation and Krämer Automotive Solutions but also SAP as a big player and the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe. The participants discussed about pressing technological questions like identity management for shared vehicles (after all, the sharing economy is one of the major trends for the mobility sector) and identified promising markets like for example Southeast Asia.

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