Go international!

The "Go international!" event was organised by Mov’eo in Paris on 5th, April. This first focus group event fit in MobiGoIn targets as it was focusing on SMEs internationalization.
This English speaking day unfolded well, around 80 European SMEs, major groups and institutional entities (Continental, PFA,  Valeo, Renault…) participated in the workshop and round tables; taking the opportunity to share their experiences and to ask for advices to our distinguished round tables speakers (European Commission, ETRAC, Intempora, ECSEL…)
As part of the event, BCWON came escorted by three member companies: HighQ Professional Services GmbH, Lusion GmbH and Heidelberg Mobil GmbHwhich could benefit from B2B meetings with French companies (circa 16 meetings).
Then, the last word we remember is that internationalization could be difficult to make into practice, however with tenacity and suitable choices, this is a really relevant process which could allow your business to go further.

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