Next up: the first Swedish focus group

This focus group took place in Malmö, Sweden on Media Evolution City the 8th of June 2016. There were 7 people participating from 5 different Malmö based companies of different sizes; Sweco Society, Movebybike, Block Zero, WG Film and Ustwo. A mixture between expertise in infrastructure planning, app making, data collecting and other areas within smart mobility.
The hour started with a presentation of the MobiGoIn project and the agenda of the day. Then a presentation of the participators and a discussion mainly around 2 topics based on MobiGoIn’s survey answers; countries of interest to be approach, type of clients/partners to search in the third-country. 

There were interesting discussions where all of the companies had a lot in common and started to talk collaboration opportunities with each other. But all of them also wanted to target new countries and areas. The main interest in countries to approach was Europe (Denmark, Holland, Norway & Germany) and Canada and the USA. Almost all of the participating companies have some activity abroad, but they want to expand. And to be able to do that they all agreed on that they need new insights and inspiration from other countries since it is important to have knowledge about the area/country you want to work in/with. The participating companies all target citites and municipalities since many of their services depend on/work for infrastructure. But they also mentioned they wanted to work with smaller companies to get new insights and inspiration from other countries. They all are interested in new ways of collecting data. All in all a very interesting meet up where we didn't just get answers to our questions but also hopefully managed to create some new collaboratiors.

- Sara & Ulrika

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