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2016 > 02

In order to create a common international strategy for companies in the Smart Mobility we have made a thorough survey of your needs. We ask you to fill it in if you feel this project is for you. We know it's quite long, but it is necessary in order to be able to make a program that can help you in the best way.

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First out where Mov'eo in Paris and included in the talk where; 
Volkert Samplonius and Eric Toffin fom Citilog, Jacques Jouannais - Survision, Christophe Leflohic - Sterela, Alexandre Decousser - Multitoll, Samuel Sellam - Iffstar,  Aurélien Sostaponti and Aïssata Camara from Business France

One of the more fantasitc result by the end of the meeting where that all companies decided to try a new experience: going together to reach new international markets in the smart mobility sector. As a result they chose to focus on two countries: Mexico and Colombia. They will go there by forming a group of complementary companies which could give them more opportunities.

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