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2016 > 12

The Mobility Goes International projects always keep an eye open for good opportunities for our members to meet and match make with new markets, organizations, clusters and companies.
 We found a ICT business mission to Singapore & Thailand in May that sounds really interesting and we want you all to know about. 
”EU Gateway | Business Avenues will organise from May 22-27 a business mission focused on the Information & Communication Technologies sector. Selected companies will get the opportunity to travel first to Singapore, then to Thailand. ”
Read more about the trip here and apply by 3’rd of February!


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Last week Bwcon together with Business France organized an International Networking event for companies within the MobiGoIn project. Except representatives from MobiGoIn (Bwcon, Move’o, Media Evolution & Torino Wireless) there were German and French companies with us.
The first day, Christoph Sturmer, from PwC initiated the two days with presenting PwC’s Connected cars study, where he showed us mapping of the field in connected cars and automotive cars technology and what it looks like today and what the predictions of the future are.

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