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Mobility Goes International – in Action: the next step of the MobiGoIn project

We have happy news for MobiGoIn Network: the Mobility Goes International – in Action project have received funding from COSME programme. It will implement and test MobiGoIn Internationalisation Strategy.
MobiGoIn-Action Objectives
- To build a strategic and collaborative network, at European and International scale, based on the development of collaboration of opportunities on future smart mobility, generating new collaborations between European SMEs and third markets.

- To promote and enhance collaborations among European Smart Mobility SMEs working on complementary innovative solutions, developing competitiveness and pursuing a cross-sectorial approach, by generating the MobiGoIn Value-chains.

- To support concrete potential technological and business partnerships and opportunities in the two targeted World Regions 1. North-America and 2. China-Singapore/Malaysia, through an acceleration program and International missions.
The project will start on January the 1st 2018! Stay in touch!

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MobiGoIn launches future mobility towards extra-European markets
The first phase of MobiGoIn (Mobility Goes International) project finished with a network of more than a thousand companies. In 2018 the internationalisation services will be activated for the markets of China, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and USA.
On May 24, 2017, the international conference Mobility Goes International took place in Turin, Italy. Participants included European companies and clusters from Italy, France, Germany and Sweden. The event marked the end of the European project MobiGoIn, illustrating the developed internationalisation strategy and providing networking opportunities for European companies and innovation actors. Many smart mobility solutions were presented during the pitch session and B2B meetings were held afterwards. Presentations and videos are available here.
The results
MobiGoIn, a project co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union, developed an internationalisation strategy aimed at supporting smart mobility SMEs and start-ups in their internationalisation processes beyond Europe. The countries identified as geographical targets are: Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States of America; whilst the priority target markets are Automotive – including connected cars, autonomous vehicles, low emission vehicles, on-board solutions – and Smart Cities – info-mobility; intermodal, collaborative and cooperative solutions; traffic control, parking & ticketing, last-mile logistics, etc.
The project also identified key actors in the target countries interested in becoming potential partners that support the European SMEs in entering the chosen target markets.
The structured services and activities, aimed at supporting the internationalisation of European SMEs and start-ups, foresee companies joining in technological European value chains, which allow to be more competitive when entering new markets; training and mentoring programmes to prepare the companies; and international missions and events aimed at generating technologic and commercial partnerships between European and foreign companies and interested actors.

Networking opportunities
The event also provided the opportunity for companies to start sharing their interests and ideas and assessing potential collaborations with each other. During the pitch session, 12 European companies (SMEs and start-ups) presented their innovative solutions within the smart mobility field: parking apps, travel-sharing, automotive architectures, etc. While afterwards, during the business networking moment, 40 B2B meetings took place, allowing companies, clusters and other innovation actors from MobiGoIn Network to talk for about 30 minutes and get a deeper knowledge of how could they collaborate.

Next step: MobiGoIn-Action!
Mobility Goes International - in Action (MobiGoIn-Action) was presented to the COSME call for proposals aimed at co-fund the test and implementation of the activities and services planed within MobiGoIn Internationalisation Strategy. If the proposal is approved, starting on January 2018, the European SMEs and start-ups interested in approaching the markets of Canada, USA, China, Singapore and Malaysia will have the opportunity of taking part of MobiGoIn acceleration and internationalisation activities.
Meanwhile, a seminar about the opportunities of doing business in Malaysia and South-East Asia will take place the 3rd of July in Turin, Italy. It is jointly organised by Torino Wireless and MobiGoIn’s Strategic Partner EUMCCI EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. SAVE THE DATE!!

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Did you miss the presentations today at the final Mobility Goes International event or need to listen to something again!?

Have no fear, you can watch the talks here! 

Also all the presentations and videos shared are available at Torino Wireless website  

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The 24th of May we will meet in Turin, Italy, in the final event of our project Mobility Goes International. 

We will then share the results of our project: the internationalisation strategy and the opportunities for European SMEs wanting to explore new markets: China, USA, Canada and Malaysia!

We will also present new partners and what we want to do in strand 2, if we get chosen for it. And of course will there be lots of opportunity for matchmaking!

The event will be organized by the partner and coordinator Torino Wireless. 

If you want to participate, register here!!!

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150 people move to Austin everyday, so there is no wonder that the city has huge challanges to get the mobility in the city working smoothly. 

By taking part in the us governments Department of Transportation in 2016 Smart City Challenge - they wanted to look in to how to make the public transportation throughout the city better and how to connect the East-parts to the West as the interstate as divided the city. 

Since many years there is a strong bike lobby in the city and pedicabs are a common site downtown. This has led to better bike lanes and also the right for bikes to go in the full (car) lanes where/when necessary. 

In the start-up facilities Capital Factory you can find quite a few companies that works with mobility solutions at the Mobility X – transport tech facility, there you can find interesting companies like Texas Guadaloop that’s making a zero gravity hyper loop 750 mph with air levitation instead of magnetics. that makes a mobile license plate recognition camera, OtterLogic where you can schedule and track your shipping B2B without a middle man and Riskpulse an Predictive analytics for transportation tool to name a few.

Let's hope that we can make Mobility X a partner for our project! 

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While Media Evolution was visiting SXSW in Austin, Texas - they took the oppertunity to listen to some great talks about smart mobility and transportation. 

At this years SXSW there was a lot of focus on automatisation of cars, how the AI in the cars will work in the future and the very elllaborate maps that will be cruzial for the cars to be able to detect everything that needs to be calculated while driving a car without any human eyes. 

As the automatisation of the car while change the way we live, there is also a different economy that can be emerging. You can be part of a car pool and share your ride whit others. People who do not been mobile before due to illness or just not haveing a drivers license can enjoy an more mobile life. The Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars Division Dr. Dieter Zetsche and CEO of HERE Edzard Overbeek had a interesting conversation about how the bigger car manufacurers need to take all this account while working on their future strategies. 

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Mobility Goes International invite you to an afternoon to look how the smart mobility looks in a global perspective starting from our local companies views. In Southern Sweden we have strong innovative solutions for multiple smart mobility solutions with a international unique strength.
We will also take a look at some of the results the Mobility Goes International project has found when taking a deeper look at the different global markets the project has targeted.
At the event you will also meet the different partners from MobiGoIn – the clusters bwcon Germany, Torino Wireless Italy and Move’o Paris France - so its your opportunity to get to know them and get a shortcut in to their markets.
We are inviting speakers from our home market within - innovative bikehelmets, infrastructure, electric cars, public transportation and UX design. To get the full circle of Smart Mobility!
If you can’t make it, it will also be live streamed! But we hope you can make it here to Malmö. And, let us know who you like to meet here so that we can invite them ASAP! There will be good opportunities for networking and matchmaking.
Refreshments will be served.


13.00 Start - MobiGoin introduction of project and partners, short info on the country profiles
13.20 Uniti - the electric car that will save the earth!
13.40 Skånetrafiken - how to collect data for regional public transportation development. 
14.10 Hövding - the invisible bike helmet!

14.30 Networking break w. coffee/snack - project partners to hold short discussion on topic - one table per person
15.00 Speaker 4
15.20 Speaker 5
16.00 End with mingel/networking/matchmaking opportunities
Each speaker session includes a few minutes for Q&A

Sign up here!

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Media Evolution member Hamed Yahyaei is togehter with Foo Café arranginga a meetup on Interaction design in automotive - Creating a blank canvas at Media Evolution City the 7th of February. 

This talk will be about the process of removing limitations in automotive design and the impact that it has on the final product. This can be applied to various fields other than automotive, and will include specifics of actions and strategies taken, and lessons learned. 

The guest speaker is 
Lewis Horne the CEO of the start-up Uniti Sweden, trying to create a chunk of the future and electric car that will save (?) the planet! 

Attend the event by checking coming on the Facebook event

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Intersting call for proposals for electromobility companies.

The deadline for the submission of light proposals is 6 February 2017, 17:00 CET.
So there is not that much time left! 

Find all information here! 
The EMEurope Call 2017 will support Research & Innovation projects addressing the following 5 key areas of electric mobility:

·        System integration (transport, urban and sub-urban areas);
·        Integration of urban freight and city logistics in e-mobility;
·        Smart Mobility concepts and ICT applications;
·        Public Transport;
·        Consumer behaviour and societal trends.
23 miljon Euro to be spread over Europe! So go apply today! 

The partners of MobiGoin are willing to support any member companies that want to apply! 

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