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Partnership Objectives: 
MobiGoIn – Mobility Goes International – aims to establish a Smart Mobility focused European Strategic Clusters Partnership to promote clusters’ internationalisation by developing a joint strategy aimed at supporting SMEs in their internationalisation process across and beyond Europe. The Partnership seeks also to intensify clusters and networks’ collaboration across borders, breaking sectorial boundaries.

MobiGoIn focuses in a cross-sectoral approach regarding a sustainable, smart and safe mobility in metropolitan areas, achieved through the implementation of solutions and systems for intelligent and cooperative transport, intermodal and sustainable mobility for the citizens, and sustainable urban freight logistics.
MobiGoIn partners collectively constitute a high profile partnership fully capable of achieving all project objectives, thanks to a right mix of competences and expertise. The Consortium is formed by four clusters located in four different European countries: Fondazione Torino Wireless (TOWL), an Italian innovation and technological cluster focus on ICT and Smart Cities and Communities; Bwcon, a German technological cluster on ICT for Baden-Württemberg’s traditional industrial sectors; Mov’eo, a French mobility R&D competitiveness cluster; and Media Evolution, a southern Swedish technological cluster on media industries. MobiGoIn Consortium represents a total of circa 1100 SMEs, which will be involved in the definition of the activities of MobiGoIn’s Internationalisation Strategy, which will dictate the services and actions Clusters will follow in order to support and strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs in the international Smart Mobility Market.

The project MobiGoIn intends to carry out a set of activities aimed at identifying and developing a joint internationalisation strategy (consisting of a partnership agreement, an internationalisation strategy plan and an implementation roadmap). During the project, the Clusters’ SMEs, that have competences and expertise in the mobility market, will be analysed in order to identify their needs and define a strategic plan to prepare them and accompany them in approaching new smart mobility markets. These markets will emerge from intelligence gathering activities and a collaborative analysis carried out by MobiGoIn Clusters, their SMEs and other stakeholders with international experience in the Smart Mobility sector.

Partnership other activities: 
MobiGoIn’s “European Strategic Cluster Partnership” will lead to the consolidation of international clusters’ cooperation in the Mobility field, specially targeting clusters and companies that develop user-friendly, intelligent, multimodal and cooperative transport and mobility systems implementing SAT-NAV technologies, ICT and digital media solutions.

The project partners have complementary fields of expertise and a considerable experience in international projects and European consortia; MobiGoIn partners cover the necessary perspectives to deal with the most relevant activities foreseen in the project.
The Partnership will be in charge of the definition of the “MobiGoIn Partnership Agreement”, a document convening objectives, modalities of cooperation and an agenda of a long-term and sustainable collaboration among partner clusters. In order to do so, the Partnership will carry out activities such as the scouting and identification of new possible clusters to be included in the ESCP; the definition of interests, modalities of collaboration and roles of cooperation among the partners and a long-term cooperation agenda; and the identification of possible and additional public/private co-financing opportunities to assure a long-term cooperation project. It will also promote and participate to events addressed to find new partners/customers and market-entry facilitators from new countries with target markets.
HideResults expected

Results expected – MobiGoIn Partnership will contribute:

  • to fulfil the expectations of the European Commission and, specifically, COSME and EASME, regarding the objectives of the Cluster Go International Call for proposals devoted to develop European Strategic Cluster Partnerships (ESCPs) for improving network conditions for the competitiveness and sustainability of European SMEs;
  • to strengthen the opportunities for a fruitful cooperation between clusters and their members;
  • to foster stakeholders’ engagement in creating a wide ecosystem across Europe that will lay the foundations for a constructive collaboration between SMEs from different European cities and other third countries.

As on the Cluster Collaboratopn portal ESCP-4i. 
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