Mobigoin Action!


Aims to build a European and international strategic network based on the development of collaborations in the field of future smart mobility.

MobiGoIn–Action helps you with the following:

Developing strategic partnership in new third markets: Taking advantage of strategic partners located both in Europe and the targeted third countries (USA & Canada and China & Singapore), MobiGoIn-Action will promote SMEs’ solutions, expertise and competences at international level.

With the acceleration services each of us will offer to SMEs applying to the call we’re preparing.  

We help you to get new networks collaboration across borders, breaking sectorial boundaries.  

What's MobiGoIn–Action?

MobiGoIn-Action aims to establish a Smart Mobility focused on European Strategic Clusters Partnership to promote clusters’ internationalisation. This by developing a strategy aimed at supporting SMEs in their internationalisation processes beyond Europe; and to intensify clusters and networks collaboration across borders. 

MobiGoIn-Action’s main focus regards a sustainable, smart and safe mobility in metropolitan areas, achieved through the implementation of solutions and systems for intelligent and cooperative transport, intermodal and sustainable mobility for the citizens and sustainable urban freight logistics. 

The strategy and the process

Mobility Goes International – in Action is a 24-month project aimed at supporting the launch, the initial implementation and the first development of the MobiGoIn Internationalisation Strategy. MobiGoIn-Action will build a Cooperation Partnership with international stakeholders in two identified World Regions: 1. USA-Canada (Target market: Automotive) and 2. China-Singapore (Target market: Smart Cities); and support European smart mobility SMEs and start-ups in initiating business collaborations in two target markets: Automotive and Smart Cities, within the mentioned countries. 

The first open call is focused in gathering the European companies interested in internationalisation opportunities in USA and Canada regarding the Automotive and Smart City markets. The selected companies will participate in a Acceleration Program that contains series of training and coaching activities aimed at preparing the companies to approach the target markets, providing internationalisation competences and skills, market trends analysis, and focused information about market entry and how to better approach a potential buyer/partner.

The second open call addressed also to European SMEs and start-ups from the Automotive & Smart Mobility sectors, defines the conditions to apply to the MobiGoIn-Action Internationalisation Mission to USA. The Internationalisation Mission in the United States of America is a 4-day Mission that will be held in San Francisco, CA, and its immediate surroundings, from Monday February 25th to Thursday February 28th, 2019. The Mission provides the opportunity to take part to a structured business program, to meet in person potential partners and local market experts, and to develop potential collaborations and cooperation opportunities with different stakeholders from the United States.


From the countries Italy, Sweden, Germany and France are involved in the project MobiGoIn-Action 

SME's companies

27 from bwcon, 24 from Media Evolution, 66 from TOWL and 157 from Mov’eo, are classified according to their current positioning within the Smart Mobility field.


 of the interviewed SMEs would like to expand their activities towards international markets. 

Are you a European SME?

Does your company develop smart mobility solutions? Have you created an application that guide people easier around a city or that track a delivery? Do you offer solutions for connected vehicles?

Join the network!


 MobiGoIn-Action is
Co-funded by the COSME Programme
of the European Union