One of the SME’s in the MobiGoin-Action network is CANGO from Romania. We meet Bianca Barbu and asked her some questions about their business, their expectations of launching on the North American and their suggestions for someone looking to learn more about smart mobility.

What is it with “smart mobility” that you find so appealing? And what made you get into it in the first place?
“Smart mobility” is related to each one of us. About 10-15 year ago, the GPS was considered a great innovation for the transportation. Then the concept evolved and in combination with ther technologies telematics industry gained amplitude. Around 5 years ago, IoT and connected vehicles were 2 trends very often met in different events. In the same time, the population around the globe increased a lot, the global warming became a subject more and more to be discussed and all these elements combined are taking us in the same direction: smart cities and smart mobility.

CANGO is expert in telematics. We read, know, develop, and translate all the data related to the vehicles and the drivers in a specific moment or period. In addition, in order to realize a successful smart mobility system you would need information, but not only raw data but correlated different information according to essential parameters. Through its’ products and services CANGO brings a lot of value when it comes to smart mobility and in the end everything translates into a safer and cleaner environment for all of us.

What’s your company’s unique selling proposition?
CANGO has almost 10 years in the telematics industry and during this period worked in many projects from different industries from private vehicles, logistics, fleet management, construction, and mining to car sharing, public transportation and road safety programmers.  We proved many times that we have the ability to listen and to understand the needs of our partners. More than that when we develop a solution or work in a project we just not execute the task but we also come with ideas and give advices in order to develop a reliable and comprehensive solution that can be easily replicated also in other projects.

Our knowledge and expertise in CANbus networks and telematics industry recommend us for any mobility project and it is known in the industry that when you say innovation, flexibility and value you say CANGO. That is why in 2018 Frost and Sullivan have awarded CANGO for the Customer Value Leadership in CANbus solutions.

What do you hope to get out of the MobiGoin-Action project?
As the name of the program says, Mobility Goes International. We are already international, we like to be in the heart of the events, always aware of what is new on the market, and what are the trends. This is how the innovative ideas are born and this how we are prepared for the future and always ready and happy to join smart projects.

At CANGO, one key word is challenge. Being part of MobiGoIn we are ready to take the challenge and bring more value to the table related to smart mobility projects. We have knowledge and expertise in different areas of transportation and we would like to invest them in mobility projects and see how individuals take benefits after them.

What are your main expectations of launching on the North American market?
North America is a very big market with some great companies. Because of the geographical position, we cannot say that the market is homogenous. In the same time, because we are flexible enough we can answer to many needs and we are prepared and able to enter indifferent partnerships. As we did before we will take it systematically. We want to understand better the needs and requests, after that we will come up with innovative proposal in order to make everybody work more easy but in the same time efficient.  Accurate data, customized solutions, certified units, flexibility in implementation, background and experience, availability are some of the requests that we are expecting. And we are ready for them!

What would you say are some of the biggest issues that you and the rest of the industry need to tackle right now?
In smart mobility and telematics industry there will always be issues but we like to call them challenges. Depending on the requests and needs there will be new issues that will be brought in front.  Maybe one of the issues is that there is not yet a standard for smart mobility. It is easy to talk related to smart mobility but sometimes the concept develops so big just because there are no limits related to it. In this period we are, let’s say, in testing and proof of concept period, so the biggest challenge is to prove that using our technologies combined with others there will be some good changes which will reflect in a smarter way of living and mobility.

Have you seen or heard about any exciting, smart mobility-related news lately?
Any news related to smart mobility is interesting and exciting. Some of them make us think of what we have already did and realize that somehow in some aspects we were trendsetters; others’ make us ring the bells for some new projects and ideas.

For example, some interesting aspect is related to other verticals than more than 4 wheels vehicles. In most of the cases when we say smart mobility, we think about public transportation, private cars or car sharing. But smart mobility involves more than that and the theory and practice should extend to bikes and scooters. As smart mobility is an interesting and challenging aspect of our lives, any news related to it are very interesting.

What’s your number one recommendation for someone looking to learn more about smart mobility and similar subjects?
Internet made us evolve and develop a lot. “The thing” unifies technologies and in the same time separates them. Related to smart mobility there are a lot of use cases and projects presented. There are also cases and demonstrations and also global conferences. Maybe the best way to learn more about smart mobility is to participate in a experience exchange program and study a best practices guide related to this subject.

Has the MobiGoIn-Action acceleration phase met your expectations in terms of content and partners ?
MobiGoIn Action was a very interesting event. Not only the presentation and conference part was interesting and we found some valuable information from other countries and industries, but the acceleration and matchmaking process was very useful for a lot of companies. We met some important players and also from a word to another we will build and develop projects together. The freedom to choose before who you want to meet and pitch for 15 minutes made us maximize these to 2 days.

Thanks a lot Bianca, we hope to see more of you! 

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