Hi Vässla!

Hi Vässla!

 We met Dan Svensson,  Chief Growth Officer at Vässla in Sweden. We had the opportunity to ask him some questions about smart mobility, their business and future plans. 

What is it with “smart mobility” that you find so appealing? And what made you get into it in the first place?
In the past few years individual mobility has gone through a radical shift. Actually not far from that of personal computing in its first 20 years. In this transformation, small vehicles are luring users away from 2 ton steel i.e. large and heavy, inefficient alternatives. In a very short time, different types of micro mobility, have attracted hundreds of millions of users, making it the fastest technological adoption in history. We want to part of the this shift as the leading micromobilty brand. 

What’s your company’s Unique Selling proposition? 
A Swedish designed product, with high quality components

A unique combination of design, driving feel and price. No other competitor can combine these three things like we can.

Allt together with production quality and quality control. 

What do you hope to get out of the MobiGoin-Action project?
Keep updated on what’s going on at the market, understand what the government and cities are investing in and get an understanding of tomorrows infrastructure.

What are your main expectations of launching on the North American market?
That there are so many cities, which have huge problems with congestion. On the other hand several US cities are getting it and try to make changes to enable micro mobility. This is very promising. 


What would you say are some of the biggest issues that you and the rest of the industry need to tackle right now?
To tackle congestion, emissions and noise levels in the big cities. Urbanization is not going to stop. As all 4-wheelers are inefficient in transports of less than 15 km a shift micromobility is happening so rapidly. A big challenge is to ensure that cities take necessary action to re-design the cities based on this development. 

Have you seen or heard about any exciting, smart mobility-related news lately?
Well, I’d say that it’s the combination of heavier use of micro mobility to manage short distances in the big cities combined with an awaking from many cities across the globe that we need to fight congestion in an ever more crammed cities.

What’s your number one recommendation for someone looking to learn more about smart mobility and similar subjects?
Follow the news of what is happening in the area of micro mobility. Have a look at the players and what they’re up to and you will learn a lot!

Has the MobiGoIn-Action acceleration phase met your expectations in terms of content and partners ?
I met some really interesting contacts in Paris, one that works on a new type of battery that could be very interesting. Also met some interesting people for introductions but not sure of what will come out of that. In general my impression was that it was more focused on bigger scale projects and loads of AI.

Will you apply to the MobiGoIn-Action US mission ? 
It depends. We really see Vässla on the US-market in the near future. It’s just a matter of timing. 

Thanks a lot Dan! We hope to see Vässla soon again! 

Vässla became test winner when Aftonbladet tested seven different electric scooters.

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