Hi Kosmos Helmets!

Hi Kosmos Helmets!

We met Kevin Ravi, CEO at the company Kosmos Helmets in France. We had the opportunity to ask him some questions about smart mobility, their future plans and the reasons why they are a part of the MobiGoIn-Action project. 

What is it with “smart mobility” that you find so appealing? And what made you get into it in the first place?
We are at a major turning point in mobility habits. Personel or in common our means evolve very quickly. I was looking for a way to circulate with more security in city by motorcycle. So I create my own solution.

What’s your company’s Unique Selling proposition? 
We create a new helmet generation for more security

What do you hope to get out of the MobiGoin-Action project?
Find important business contacts and be accompanied by an experienced cluster.

What are your main expectations of launching on the North American market?
We are looking for a real accompaniment. The US market is very special and we want to approach it in the right way. Our booth at CES 2019 showed a strong US interest in our concept. The cities of the USA have the same security problems related to mobility.

They like design and connected products.

What would you say are some of the biggest issues that you and the rest of the industry need to tackle right now?
We need to find the right company for our manufacturing phase that can guarantee several certifications for distribution.

Have you seen or heard about any exciting, smart mobility-related news lately?
I really like the airbus projects for flying taxis. air travel is one of the solutions against traffic jams

What’s your number one recommendation for someone looking to learn more about smart mobility and similar subjects?
I don’t really know. We should know how we want to move in the future. Think about our wellness while limiting the impact on ecology

Has the MobiGoIn-Action acceleration phase met your expectations in terms of content and partners ?
At the moment we have mostly discuss with European partners. We hope to do the same thing with uS partners or investors

Will you apply to the MobiGoIn-Action US mission ? If not, why ?
Yes I have already applied, we are looking forward to the results !

Thanks a lot Kevin for your time! We wish you all good luck! 

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