Michigan (USA) : Grant Opportunities for global mobility startups to deploy their technologies

Michigan (USA) : Grant Opportunities for global mobility startups to deploy their technologies

As is well known, Michigan is one of the best places to test, validate and prove out next generation transportation technologies.

The state is home to world-class testing assets and the historic leader of the automotive industry, which creates an ideal landscape for mobility startups to deploy their next generation transportation technologies.

In this regard, a local automotive network – PlanetM – has announced in December 2018 the launching of the first-ever Startup Grants, separated into two categories : Grant for local testing and Grant for local pilots. 

Both grants encourage mobility startups to test their technologies on Michigan roadways or at Michigan’s state-of-the-art testing facilities.

Testing Grant:

The Testing Grant will accelerate innovation by providing mobility startups the opportunity to access advanced testing facilities. The cost to test can be a deterrent for certain startups, so PlanetM is taking action to provide funding to reduce this cost. This will allow startups to focus their resources on enhancing and proving their technologies, and work to deepen companies’ ties to Michigan and its mobility ecosystem.

  • Organizing Grant Partners: Mcity, American Center for Mobility (ACM), and Kettering Univeristy GM Mobility Research Center
  • Location: Statewide
  • Timeframe: October 2018 — September 2019
  • Value: Minimum 25% match required by participant. Grant amounts will vary.

Pilot Grant:

The Pilot Grant will support global mobility startups to deploy their technologies in Michigan in partnership with Michigan communities, ultimately making it easier, safer and more affordable for Michigan residents to get around.

  • Organizing Grant Partners: NextEnergy and Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)
  • Location: Statewide
  • Timeframe: October 2018 — September 2019
  • Value: Minimum 25% match required by one or more of participant’s partners. Grant amounts will vary. Anticipated grant range is $50,000 – $100,000.
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