Vessla – the climate-friendly electrical moped

Vessla – the climate-friendly electrical moped

It’s been hailed as a commuting solution for the future and is getting more popular by the minute. Now, Swedish startup Vessla is working to meet the market demand for their nifty electrical mopeds.

– Whatever happens to us, we’ll definitely see an increase in sales when it comes to electrical mopeds in the future. In the coming four years, there will be two new sets of EU regulations for the emission levels of gas-driven two-wheelers that will have a great impact on the market, says Vessla founder Rickard Bröms in an interview.

According to some, the electrical moped has the potential to become “the next electrical bike”. In Sweden, Vessla’s home turf, a number of 13 000 mopeds were sold in 2016. Among these, only 150 of them were powered by electricity. It’ll be interesting to see how these statistics will develop in the coming years.


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